With the Roc Awards coming up, Rashad A. Scott sat with Kholaa to briefly discuss her career as a singer. Kholaa is a previous “Female Singer of the Year” Roc Award Winner. In addition to being nominated for “Female Singer of the Year”, this year, she will also be performing at the Roc Awards. When asked what we could expect from her performance, she responded “I want lights, I want an overhead projector, all these fantastic things”.  Kholaa loves to put on a performance! For instance, her previous performance at the Roc Awards left the crowd amazed as she sang on stage in a pitch black room while an artist painted with glow-in-the-dark paint on her body.

It’s only right that I step my game up…produce more vocals, produce more videos, produce more songs, produce that “Recorded Conversations” album

Roc Award “Female Singer of the Year” Nominee

Losing in 2013 didn’t stop Kholaa from bouncing back and taking over 2014. As a result, she took home the award for “Female Singer of the Year” at the Roc Awards. She worked hard throughout the year and made she sure everyone knew what she did to solidify that victory. Will she be able to win again this year? We’ll find out Febuary 24th at The Roc Awards.

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